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Baptiste Blue Hawaii

(Pal-A-More Golden Sun x Kodiak Gold Model Walker)

Deceased - 2014


2004 100% foundation Cremello Morgan stallion. "Levi" ( Pal-A-Mors Golden Sun x Kodiak Gold Model Walker) has a beautiful body, mind and soul. Levi has it all and will bring quality to any breeding program. He is very well mannered and a dream to have around. Leads like a gentleman with out a stud chain around all horses. Where he is pastured, he sees all the mares and they have to walk right past him to come to the barn. He is within 20 ft of my other stallion. He moves with grace and energy and has a lovely loft to his gaits.

Bloodline alone is fantastic with 8 crosses to Red Correll. An amazing 12 crosses to Romanesque, 10 to Winterset and 13 to Jubilee King within his 9 generations. Also within 9 generations he goes to Headlight Morgan 11 times. Truly a pedigree worth looking up and studying. And he will always produce a colorful foal.

This wonderful stallion spent a year with Kristal Homoki in training and though he has not been ridden or used since his return home he could easily go back to work. He was trained to drive by his previous owner and has also been collected and shipped successfully

See video link of Baptiste Blue Hawaii.






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