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Gay Vaquero at 27 years old

Gay Vaquero

(Vaquero Mac x Gay Berta)

Once in lifetime, if one is lucky, you find your dream horse and Vaquero was that for me. I bought Vaquero as an 11 year old stallion who had never had a registered foal. I had spent several weekends at the Nelsen's in Ohio and had asked Phyllis to find me a stallion.

His purchase led to a life long love affair from the moment I laid eyes on him. He was the most beautiful, baroque horse that I had ever seen with a gorgeous head and large eye, large jowells and a short back with a compact body. His length of neck was just right and he was so well proportioned. He moved like silk.

Gay Vaquero 1982

I competed with Vaquero in numerous open dressage shows long before Morgans were competing (Mona Sansoucy and I were the few with Morgans in Open Competition at that time). Vaquero was also a fabulous carriage horse and we also competed numerous times in Competitive Trail Riding and driving. My best times with him were on the trail.

He was one of the best breeding stallions that I have ever had the good fortune to own. I could breed a mare at 5AM and turn around and go to a show and compete and have 100% of his attention. In all the years that I owned him he never had a bad day.

GHMA 1981

Vaquero left me with a legacy in his three daughters: LBF Gay Catalina, LBF Gay Enchantress and LBF Gay Isabella. All three have gone on to become true ambassadors for the breed in Dressage Open Competition and Carriage Driving.

Gay Vaquero 1988

Gay Vaquero 1988

Gay Vaquero 1981

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