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Triple S Wings of Wind

(Triple S Red Wind x
Primavera Ramona)

After Vaquero passed away I never thought I would have another stallion that I cared as much about. I have owned and used quite a number in the last few years on my mares. But for various reasons they just never worked out as being as close to my heart....until Wings came along.

Wings is very special. he is kind and so very easy to have on the farm. Like

Vaquero, nothing much bothers him. Mares can be in heat all around him and he is as quiet and respectful as you can want. When a breeds a mare, he knows his job, is respectful of his handler and always a gentleman. Not only does he have a sterling disposition but he is an outstanding mover.

See a video of Triple S Wings of Wind here.

Photos Summer 2009



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